Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roaster

Ah. Yes. I am back. It is good to be writing again. Creating useful content for you guys to read and learn about all the awesome things to do.

I’m sorry I was away for so long. Life changes. Y’know.

Little did you know that I wouldn’t write about anything in St. John’s today (unless you read my Facebook post a little while back). I am actually going to be writing about a coffee roaster in Toronto. Mmmm, coffee. I wanted to focus this blog about St. John’s stuff, but Pilot Coffee Roasters is just too phenomenal to ignore.

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Pi on Kings Road
Pi on Kings Road

Where’s the best slice in town? Well that depends.

Do you like greasy pepperoni and cheese pizza? Probably Acropolis or I’ve also heard Big Cheese Pizza.

Do you like fancy pizza? I always hear Piatto as an answer (for totally good reason), but I’m always saying woah, woah, hold your horses. Have you been to Pi though?

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The Hungry Heart Café

The Hungry Heart Café on Military Road
The Hungry Heart Café on Military Road

At the request of my father, I have finally tried the Hungry Heart Café. I’m 99% sure he doesn’t read my blog, but whatever. Dad, I finally went. Now stop telling me to go.

The Hungry Heart Café is an initiative of Stella’s Circle that aids vulnerable adults in finding stable employment. It’s a not-for-profit business to boot. So if that’s not reason enough to go visit, I guess you should keep reading.

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The Black Sea Bistro

A few months ago, two restaurants merged to become one. The Black Sea and Bistro Sofia combined under one roof.

I was fairly disappointed that I didn’t get to go to Bistro Sofia’s original location as I always walked by and drooled at the cakes (which, apparently you can still get at Mama Soulas). It also just looked like a cute little lunch spot for a soup and sandwich.

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Georgetown Café and Bookshelf + Bakery

The Café and Bookshelf - This pic is from January. That's how long I've wanted to do this post.
The Café and Bookshelf – This pic is from January. That’s how long I’ve wanted to do this post.

We all know that I started this blog in search of the gems in St. John’s. Well, I have a dirty secret:

I’ve kept one of them from you.

The Georgetown Bakery and the Café and Bookshelf is such a good find that I’m almost surprised a lot of people don’t know about it. I mean, it’s hidden in a downtown neighborhood, but still. Many of my friends have only heard about it through me, or had totally forgotten about it when I brought it up.

The reason I’ve kept it from you? I wanted to do it justice by visiting it a few times to make sure I got the full experience. It’s that good.

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Factory off of Water Street
Factory located off of Water Street

This past weekend, the grand opening of Factory was on the go.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Clubs and the general George Street scene just isn’t overly my thing. It’s usually not as good as you hope it will be in my opinion.

I guess Factory has the fact that it’s not located on George Street already going in its favour.

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Cookie Throwdown

Cookie Throwdown. Heyooo.
Cookie Throwdown. Heyooo.

I have two words for you: Cookie. Throwdown.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, first of all I feel sad for you. And second of all, you can learn about what happened by clicking here.

It was an amateur and professional baker bake-off in support of charity. The things I do for charity. So tough. The event was hosted at The Rocket Bakery in the Rocket Room (third floor).

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The Harbour Room

The Harbour Room in the Marriott on Duckworth
The Harbour Room in the Marriott on Duckworth

Surprise! I have another blog post this week. I had two great experiences, so I had to write about both of them.

I also have a bit more time where I’m done all my course work for my whole freakin’ undergrad. I’m using every outlet I can to yell out my excitement that after 5 years, all that stands between me and that piece of paper is three exams. Yessssss.

Anyways, for Good Friday last week, I obviously had to go on the hunt for some fish and chips. Now everyone in Newfoundland already knows about Ches’s, but I wanted to do something a bit different. So my friend and I went to the Harbour Room located in the Marriott Hotel.

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Tol’s Timeout Lounge

Miss Conduct at Tol's
Miss Conduct at Tol’s

Yup. The blog post today is going to be about Tol’s. I’m not even kidding.

Now, if you are a local, or familiar at all with St. John’s, you’ll know that Tol’s isn’t classified as the classiest of bars. In fact, the only other time I’ve ever been there was on a bus crawl. I’m pretty sure most people under 40 have only ever been there because of a bus crawl.

We won’t talk about the dirty details of a bus crawl, shall we?

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